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in the darkness i will meet my creators

they will all agree, i'm a suffocator.

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Name:MIRAY  v.05

—And so the first generation of mice were created - artificial human beings designed through cloning and genetic alterations to have their KN gene amplified. While legally utilized to test new pharmaceuticals and medical equipment for regulatory and patent approval, these mice were also bred and/or raised in captivity to be sold to patrons with very specific interests. Often, these artificial beings are altered with a signature "look" — open ribcages with the organs encased in flexglass, fingertips replaced with painted crystals, artificial orifices installed in unlikely places for particular tastes.

This is not the utopia you're looking for.

“simply to e n d u r e is to ᴛʀɪᴜᴍᴘʜ.”
5; kn2 | breeder mouse
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